Creative Warriors

Welcome to my webite! It is my intention to bring to you material that uplifts, brings peacefulness and inspires you. This is a poem I had written for my Expressive Arts Teacher Training Class that was in Sonoma, CA with my wonderful teacher Chris Zydel.

We step into our power
We stomp on the earth
We step into our power
We women of the earth
We open our hearts
We walk past our fears
We tune inside
and release our tears
We walk together and we walk alone
Each step forward our light has shone
We are creative warriors claiming what is ours
Authenticity, brilliance filled with the light of the sun and stars
We dance with wild abandon, sings our songs with glee
Paint our insides out for all the world to see
We are creative warriors powerful and true
We own our radiance so others can too!

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