From the abyss to bliss

Have you been feeling stressed lately? There is a lot of intensity in the universe right now. My mantra has become LET GO! This has been something that I continually have to work with. My mind is very active and I am alway’s trying to figure things out. So, I am really now sensing how my body is feeling. Are my shoulder’s tight? Am I tightening my stomach, clenching my teeth. I realize, at times I do all of those things. So, first thing is awareness. Tune in to your body and see what it is doing. Then take a very deep breath. Hold for a moment and let it go. You may even want to make a sound with it as you exhale. Try it. Then shake your body out. Shake your arms and your legs and your hips and just let your body do what it wants. Put some music on. Sing at the top of your lungs. Let that stuck energy get out! Write a poem. Paint a picture. What gets your juices going?

When you are finished, I guarantee that you will feel better. As you release the stress that is present in your body, you can also release any negativity in the mind. What negative thoughts were you thinking when your body tightened up? Can you reframe those thoughts to something more positive. Write down a positive affirmation like “I am healthy and strong.” Repeat your affirmation daily. Make up several positive affirmations and put them around your house so you can see them every day.

Also, meditation can work wonders for creating more peace in your life. Start each morning even if it’s only 5 minutes. Do some yoga first to prepare your body for meditation.

Wave goodbye to the abyss and now embrace your bliss!

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