Creativity through Poetry

Poetry is something that has always called to me. As a child I loved Dr. Suess. Since then I have taken some classes and enjoyed learning more about it and expressing myself in that way. I have written some fun children’s books using poetry.

This year I attended the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. I attended a wonderful poetry class with Perie Longo, who was the Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara a few years ago! I ended up submitting my poem for the award of best poem and to my great surprise I won! Here is my winning poem!


At first glance, I see your roundness,
full like the moon. Skin a brown papery veil.
You are ancient, lined and peeling
like an old woman who has lived a full life.
When I begin to pick at your mask,
brown flakes waltz into the air.
Your Chrysanthemum tip seems as if pressed
from a book of memories, dances long gone.
I peel each layer going deeper and deeper
to your core, pale yellow skin, incandescent
in the dim kitchen light. I cut into you,
slightly at first, then with a passion. You let out
Your vapors, burning my eyes. The more
I cut the more I cry until I have enough. There you lie,
white flesh, pulsing. You make me feel connected
to the earth, rooted and solid.

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