Staying in the Light/Positivity

Last night I couldn’t sleep and turned on the tv at 4:00am and was bombarded by all the shows trying to sell me things such as drugs to lose weight, makeup to look better, machines so I could have six pack abs, drugs that have a ridiculous amount of side affects. I could only find one sitcom on. I like to laugh and I could not find anything light or joyful to watch. The tv was only promoting that we are not good enough as we are. This is such a consumer society and it’s constantly telling us we need some product to feel good enough. Well guess what we are good enough as we are! We don’t have to be and can’t be anything but who we are.

As well as the ads, most of the show’s on TV are “reality” shows on people not getting along. There are not many shows demonstrating working together for positivity. There are so many guns and so much violence on tv that it’s not a wonder that many people seem numb to all the violence in the world.

So the question is how to stay positive and in the light when we are bombarded by negative tv, violence and shootings daily, and family, friends and ourselves with deteriorating health, loss and major stresses.

First of all, I would suggest not watching the news or any shows filled with violence Have you ever heard the saying if there is nothing positive to say don’t say anything. Well the news has nothing positive to say! I like to speak or write down what I have gratitude for in my life. Meditation, yoga, journaling and being creative are positive ways to express and stay in a good mental space. Our diet makes a difference and if your eating tons of sugar, dairy and white flour that will not help you feel good! I struggle with this one daily! Being around positive people who are joyful will definitely help to brighten your day.I love flowers and always put them in and around my house. Volunteering or helping others can cheer you up too. Take a walk and immerse yourself in nature. It is so healing to be outside.

What makes you feel good? Make a list and pick at least one item off your list and do it each day.

Emotions follow thought. What are you focusing on? Can you change your thoughts to something more positive? Start a new project that would be fun. What would happen if you let go of something that has been dragging you down? You can do it! What do you need more of in your life? Give yourself the gift of taking care of yourself. Give your love to others, stay open and feel the joy and positivity expand in your life!!!!

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