I was walking on the beach this morning and the wind was really strong and blowing against me. I was thinking, I can’t wait until I turn around and let the wind support me as I walk. What was my threshold for discomfort and how long does one put up with the wind blowing the opposite way we want to go.

Are you in a love relationship, friendship, job or location that is not serving you? Where are you going against the flow? Sometimes we get so used to discomfort we don’t even realize we’re uncomfortable until we let it go and see the difference. Where in your life are you holding on to something that is not supportive or uplifting to you? Have you changed and so friendships around you need to change as well. Do you know the reasons you are holding on to something? Is it serving you more that you would be served if you made the change?

What vision do you have for your life in the long run? If we let go of something not serving us, we will feel renewed energy and freedom.

Make a list of what you would like to change. LET IT GO!!!

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