Create Change by Living from the Heart


The word that comes to me regarding this election is disheartening. I feel many of us have a broken heart and have lost the remaining confidence in the country and it’s people. Many of us are in disbelief that people could support someone who seems very clearly to reflect the shadow. He supports division, when we are looking for unification. The wound is greater, I believe, for women, as this election reflects past hurts we have incurred in how we have been treated by men. Our daughters took it especially hard. We have a responsibility to not stand idly by and let this presidency take away our rights. I already see the stirring and uniting of people everywhere to stand up for unity.

Many of us wonder how we will survive this presidency.

What I believe is that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm and in order to heal others we need to work on ourselves. Where are we living from our shadow instead of our light? Where do we not see our own greatness? What are our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and this world? Where do our own prejudices lie? How do we clean out the cobwebs of our mind so that we can shine more light ? We need to go into that shadow side of our self and feel the pain, not just push it away, so that we can come out the other side much stronger than before!

I definitely believe that there is certainly a far greater power than Donald Trump in this world. We are divine beings having a human experience. I believe this event has happened to pull people together, not apart, to unify with each other and support each other.

So I ask you not to protest and fight against something but to come together and fight for something.

A suggestion would be to form groups and meditate, pray, and take action where it is needed. As many of you know the answers are within. No one can take that away.

It is the time of the divine feminine which is to live from the heart not the head.

We are not powerless! We are powerful!

“We must be the change we want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi



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