Karen Fried, Owner

“Essentially we are all creative beings, manifesting our creativity daily in a multitude of ways…we are all far more gifted, more creative and more inventive and more imaginative than we realize.” -Anonymous

I have this quote written on my wall in my house. So many people have said to me that they are not creative but everyone is creative. It may be in how you dress, how you cook, how you manage money, or how you plan your day. We use creativity on a daily basis. We are constantly creating our own lives by what we think and feel. It is a very healing process to let ourselves express in different ways, and not judge ourselves in that process.

I have been on a path of self-exploration for the past 20 years, taking a multitude of classes pertaining to personal growth. I have practiced yoga for almost 20 years, studying privately with a teacher for many years and have completed the 200 hour certification class at All People Yoga Center.

My interest in healing through self-expression has taken me on a journey enjoying classes in singing, dancing, writing and painting to name a few. I am a Reiki Master, which is a form of energy healing. I also published a children’s book in 1996. I received my Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica in 2006. This program was a life changing experience in learning about healing and self-love. I have completed a fabulous Certification Program in Intuitive Painting with Chris Zydell of Creative Juices Arts, which has given me a beautiful experience of self-expression, courage and stepping fully into who I truly am. I also facilitate guided meditations to help people relax and find more peace in their lives.

I feel all these experiences have helped me to grow and open my heart. My desire is to help others to open up, grow and heal through self-expression in a loving non-judgmental way. I am so excited to help you heal and become empowered as you step forward in your life.

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