Create Change by Living from the Heart


The word that comes to me regarding this election is disheartening. I feel many of us have a broken heart and have lost the remaining confidence in the country and it’s people. Many of us are in disbelief that people could support someone who seems very clearly to reflect the shadow. He supports division, when we are looking for unification. The wound is greater, I believe, for women, as this election reflects past hurts we have incurred in how we have been treated by men. Our daughters took it especially hard. We have a responsibility to not stand idly by and let this presidency take away our rights. I already see the stirring and uniting of people everywhere to stand up for unity.

Many of us wonder how we will survive this presidency.

What I believe is that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm and in order to heal others we need to work on ourselves. Where are we living from our shadow instead of our light? Where do we not see our own greatness? What are our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and this world? Where do our own prejudices lie? How do we clean out the cobwebs of our mind so that we can shine more light ? We need to go into that shadow side of our self and feel the pain, not just push it away, so that we can come out the other side much stronger than before!

I definitely believe that there is certainly a far greater power than Donald Trump in this world. We are divine beings having a human experience. I believe this event has happened to pull people together, not apart, to unify with each other and support each other.

So I ask you not to protest and fight against something but to come together and fight for something.

A suggestion would be to form groups and meditate, pray, and take action where it is needed. As many of you know the answers are within. No one can take that away.

It is the time of the divine feminine which is to live from the heart not the head.

We are not powerless! We are powerful!

“We must be the change we want to see.” Mahatma Gandhi



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Seven Steps to Create Magic

What if you had a magic wand and could create your life as you wish. What would you do? What changes would you make? This life is a dream and as dreamers we can change our circumstances. Can you create a story of a life that would be incredible? Are you in a job or relationship that feeds your soul?

Some tools you can use to begin this journey of change are to:

1. Give yourself some time out of your busy life to actually consciously dream what is needed in your life.
2. Have gratitude for all the good things in your life, which already exist. Gratitude is very powerful!
3. Write down what you want to draw into your life. Write it as if it has already happened. An example would be, I have a fabulous job, working with wonderful people that is so exciting to me. I have great abundance and am feeling so happy and fulfilled. Remember to use feeling as you write your vision.
4. Notice if there are limiting beliefs stopping you from moving forward. Do you have confidence in yourself? Are you afraid to be alone? Do you trust yourself? What are you telling yourself everyday? Is it I can do this! Is it I cannot do this! There is an old story about a boy that has two wolves. One wolf is positive and the other is negative. Which wolf will win the boy asks? It is the wolf that you feed. We create constantly, so why not create with positivity! The first step in order to change a belief is awareness!
5. Draw a circle and list different areas of your life like work, relationships, health, fun activities, volunteering and anything else you want to add around the circle. Shade in the amount of time you spend in each area. Is it balanced? What can you do to create more harmony?
6. Spend some time in meditation, it can give us clarity on what we really want. It connects us to our intuition. Start with just 5 minutes a day breathing slowly and deeply. Inhale as you expand your belly and exhale and bring your belly back to your spine. It will begin to help you feel more relaxed in your life!
7. Play, dance, sing, write! Creativity is good for the soul! It will connect you to deeper parts of yourself, and help you to process what is going on in your life.

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I was walking on the beach this morning and the wind was really strong and blowing against me. I was thinking, I can’t wait until I turn around and let the wind support me as I walk. What was my threshold for discomfort and how long does one put up with the wind blowing the opposite way we want to go.

Are you in a love relationship, friendship, job or location that is not serving you? Where are you going against the flow? Sometimes we get so used to discomfort we don’t even realize we’re uncomfortable until we let it go and see the difference. Where in your life are you holding on to something that is not supportive or uplifting to you? Have you changed and so friendships around you need to change as well. Do you know the reasons you are holding on to something? Is it serving you more that you would be served if you made the change?

What vision do you have for your life in the long run? If we let go of something not serving us, we will feel renewed energy and freedom.

Make a list of what you would like to change. LET IT GO!!!

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Meditation, Movement and Painting

I held a workshop the other day.  It was so much fun!  It included an authentic self meditation which gave people more information about their true self, movement with scarves to lively music and intuitive painting!  The women were fabulous and said they really enjoyed it!  The paintings came out amazing as they each expressed what was in their hearts.

Intuitive painting is about feeling what the painting wants.  It is about letting go of it being beautiful and perfect and just painting whatever comes out.  Our society is so based on the exterior.   This process is about connecting with what is inside and bringing it out no matter what is there.

One of the women said “how much fun it is to paint with no expectation of it having to be good.  It is very freeing!”

Let me know if you would like to be added to my email list so you can try it!

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Creativity through Poetry

Poetry is something that has always called to me. As a child I loved Dr. Suess. Since then I have taken some classes and enjoyed learning more about it and expressing myself in that way. I have written some fun children’s books using poetry.

This year I attended the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. I attended a wonderful poetry class with Perie Longo, who was the Poet Laureate of Santa Barbara a few years ago! I ended up submitting my poem for the award of best poem and to my great surprise I won! Here is my winning poem!


At first glance, I see your roundness,
full like the moon. Skin a brown papery veil.
You are ancient, lined and peeling
like an old woman who has lived a full life.
When I begin to pick at your mask,
brown flakes waltz into the air.
Your Chrysanthemum tip seems as if pressed
from a book of memories, dances long gone.
I peel each layer going deeper and deeper
to your core, pale yellow skin, incandescent
in the dim kitchen light. I cut into you,
slightly at first, then with a passion. You let out
Your vapors, burning my eyes. The more
I cut the more I cry until I have enough. There you lie,
white flesh, pulsing. You make me feel connected
to the earth, rooted and solid.

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Staying in the Light/Positivity

Last night I couldn’t sleep and turned on the tv at 4:00am and was bombarded by all the shows trying to sell me things such as drugs to lose weight, makeup to look better, machines so I could have six pack abs, drugs that have a ridiculous amount of side affects. I could only find one sitcom on. I like to laugh and I could not find anything light or joyful to watch. The tv was only promoting that we are not good enough as we are. This is such a consumer society and it’s constantly telling us we need some product to feel good enough. Well guess what we are good enough as we are! We don’t have to be and can’t be anything but who we are.

As well as the ads, most of the show’s on TV are “reality” shows on people not getting along. There are not many shows demonstrating working together for positivity. There are so many guns and so much violence on tv that it’s not a wonder that many people seem numb to all the violence in the world.

So the question is how to stay positive and in the light when we are bombarded by negative tv, violence and shootings daily, and family, friends and ourselves with deteriorating health, loss and major stresses.

First of all, I would suggest not watching the news or any shows filled with violence Have you ever heard the saying if there is nothing positive to say don’t say anything. Well the news has nothing positive to say! I like to speak or write down what I have gratitude for in my life. Meditation, yoga, journaling and being creative are positive ways to express and stay in a good mental space. Our diet makes a difference and if your eating tons of sugar, dairy and white flour that will not help you feel good! I struggle with this one daily! Being around positive people who are joyful will definitely help to brighten your day.I love flowers and always put them in and around my house. Volunteering or helping others can cheer you up too. Take a walk and immerse yourself in nature. It is so healing to be outside.

What makes you feel good? Make a list and pick at least one item off your list and do it each day.

Emotions follow thought. What are you focusing on? Can you change your thoughts to something more positive? Start a new project that would be fun. What would happen if you let go of something that has been dragging you down? You can do it! What do you need more of in your life? Give yourself the gift of taking care of yourself. Give your love to others, stay open and feel the joy and positivity expand in your life!!!!

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From the abyss to bliss

Have you been feeling stressed lately? There is a lot of intensity in the universe right now. My mantra has become LET GO! This has been something that I continually have to work with. My mind is very active and I am alway’s trying to figure things out. So, I am really now sensing how my body is feeling. Are my shoulder’s tight? Am I tightening my stomach, clenching my teeth. I realize, at times I do all of those things. So, first thing is awareness. Tune in to your body and see what it is doing. Then take a very deep breath. Hold for a moment and let it go. You may even want to make a sound with it as you exhale. Try it. Then shake your body out. Shake your arms and your legs and your hips and just let your body do what it wants. Put some music on. Sing at the top of your lungs. Let that stuck energy get out! Write a poem. Paint a picture. What gets your juices going?

When you are finished, I guarantee that you will feel better. As you release the stress that is present in your body, you can also release any negativity in the mind. What negative thoughts were you thinking when your body tightened up? Can you reframe those thoughts to something more positive. Write down a positive affirmation like “I am healthy and strong.” Repeat your affirmation daily. Make up several positive affirmations and put them around your house so you can see them every day.

Also, meditation can work wonders for creating more peace in your life. Start each morning even if it’s only 5 minutes. Do some yoga first to prepare your body for meditation.

Wave goodbye to the abyss and now embrace your bliss!

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Magic Potion

Wouldn’t it be nice if their were a magic potion to make our lives exactly how we want them to be. We could get a big pot and add some love, and some money, sprinkle in a fascinating career, maybe some kids and a dog. We could stir it all up till it bubbles and the scent of all that joy wafts out. We could ladle out what we want each day. Maybe have a happy surprise thrown in. Wouldn’t that be fun? Well, while I don’t know of any magic potion which can make all of our dreams come true. I do believe this universe of our’s is magical. I know we have the power to create, to grow, to love, to feel and to live our dreams.

We do need to decide what we want and move in that direction. We can take small steps toward our dreams. We can take a class of something we are interested in. I believe we need to follow our bliss. What gets you excited? What makes the time fly?

For me it is writing poetry, yoga, painting, moving to music, spending time with friends, or coaching others to find their dreams using these incredible modalities. Creativity is so much fun!

Try something new and see what bubbles up. What have you been wanting to do that you have been putting off? Why not start it today? Listen to your inner muse. What is she saying? Happy Creating!!!

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Breaking Patterns

We all have patterns in our lives that we would like to change. Sometimes we are aware of the patterns that need changing and sometimes they are subconscious and we do not realize these patterns. It first takes awareness before we can change anything. Some of our patterns that are not helpful in our life are easy to recognize such as eating foods that are not healthy for our body. We may know we should eat better but are not sure what to eat or don’t have the willpower to follow through. We may eat better for a few days or weeks and then fall back into our old patterns of eating. Some patterns are more subtle and we don’t always even recognize them. The other day I was driving and I was worrying about a million things, none of which I could control at that moment. I thought this pattern of thought is not helping me. I could feel the stress I was carrying in my body while worrying about things I couldn’t control, so I took a deep breath. I let it go. I recognized that all I really had was this moment where I was driving to my destination. In this moment everything was fine. I could feel my body relax. I could feel my mind relax. I took a few more deep breaths to remind me to be calm. I decided to trust that the things I was worrying about would work themselves out. I felt better! By having the awareness that all this worrying was not healthy for me, I was able to breathe and become calmer. This was so much healthier for my body and my mind. Emotion follows thought and when I reframed my thoughts in a positive way trusting that things would work out I felt myself going back into a place of being centered. So in order to change our patterns we first need to be aware of them. As far as eating, many times we eat in front of the tv mindlesslly not paying attention to what or how much we are eating and before we know it a whole bag of chips is gone! So, we want to pay attention to what we are eating, how it tastes and really enjoy each bite and have gratitude for the food we are eating. If we eat more slowly we will fill up faster, and eat less, so enjoy your meal. Be in the moment and bring that awareness to all areas in your life!

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You are never too old

You are never too old to begin anew.  Many times as we get toward middle age, we become settled in our routines and feel like its too late to try something different. We may even give up on our dreams.  All it takes is baby steps.  One step at a time in order to fulfill our dream and bring excitement into our lives.  What are your dreams for your life?  What have you always wanted to do?  Why not pick one thing and begin now.  It can be something small.  Do you want to learn to dance, travel to a new place, learn a new language or volunteer somewhere that you can make a difference.  You do not have to stay stuck in your life.  What hobbies did you used to do?  Life is about following your bliss.  Are you following yours?  What is one step you can take today?

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